Linkda K. Porlier

When You Speak—You are the Company!

Selling Your Product—Your Service—and Yourself!

The right speech—at the right time—in the right place—to the right people—can and will change your life—and the life of your company FOREVER!

When you speak—in the mind of your audience— you are the company. That’s why it is absolutely critical to develop and establish “your best presence” while delivering your most successful message. Whenever a speech is developed, there are a lot of different criteria that must be organized and coordinated. Often people think of developing and delivering a speech as a ” juggling act” when in reality it must be a completely organized and well-orchestrated event.

Linda K Porlier, Speechwriter, Speech Consultant and Speech Coach is a 25 year veteran as a communication expert and experienced international speaker. She has also authored four books. The most current printing is: Follow Your Heart—Book I: Finding Your Rhythm.

Author, Speaker, Speechwriter, Consultant and Coach, Linda Porlier, will help you become the success you choose to be. Whether she is speaking to your organization, writing your speech; revamping your introduction so that it sells you as the product; consulting for your company; or coaching you to become a polished and successful speaker—she is the right person.

Often, people think that giving a presentation is just a matter of imparting information to the audience. Linda K will consult and coach with you and show you that is not the case. It is much more!

Speechwriting and presentation skills are an art. It takes an expert—someone who has the education coupled with the “wisdom of experience” to bring about the necessary changes to “knock the socks off” and increase your bottom line. As a 25 year veteran in the communication arena, Linda K has come to realize that the reason people and companies “get stuck” is because they keep doing things the same way. Change is the keynote to progress. By presenting your product, your service and yourself in new, exciting and professional ways, you will change your life and the life of your company—forever!

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